Natural Ways Of Removing Scars

Natural Ways Of Removing Scars
•Aloe Vera is a common natural remedy for burns, and can be used to treat scars, as well. Its healing properties can help the skin create new, healthy skin cells and reduce or eliminate the appearance of scars.
•Ice. Using ice cubes is very effective at removing scarring, but can be a painful. Rub the ice scars for about 10/12 minutes every day.
•The vitamin C that is found in lemon will react to scar tissue and make it lighter in shade. Because of this effect, the scar will be less obvious and lighter in appearance.
•Tomatoes. Tomatoes are used to rejuvenate pores and skin cells that have been damaged. By slicing a tomato and putting it on your injury it will benefit from the natural therapeutic properties that tomatoes have on skin.
•A mixture of rose water with sandal wood paste is great for treating scars. Apply the affected areas and leave on overnight. This mixture will smoothen and cool the skin.
•Use Cucumber juice to get rid of scars on the skin every day. This therapy is very natural in keeping the skin healthy and clean.
•Applying vitamin E oil to the scars on your skin not only helps remove scars but is also keep your skin healthy.
•Another method you can use by rubbing tea tree oil onto the scar several times a day the scar will vanish in days.
•Make sure you drink lot a of water, so that the skin cells are hydrated and their growth is boosted.

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