Humid Weather Makeup Tips

Humid Weather Makeup Tips
•Keep your hair away from your face.
•Rub your face down with an ice cube. Before applying makeup. This will give your face a cooling effect and makeup will go on better. It will also feel good too!
•Use oil free tined moisturizer on your face as base, instead of heavy foundation.
•Use a large brush to lightly dust your face with pressed or loose powder which will absorb excess oil and moisture and keep your face from shinning.
•Prime your eyes, prime your face and be sure it is a primer that doesn’t contained oil.
•Apply a light colored powder blush to the apples of your face cheeks using a large make up brush.
•If you use eyeliner, apply dark eye shadow over the lined area with an angled brush so that it stays put.
•Waterproof mascara is a must!
•Always remove and wash face after makeup and keep your skin is clear for at least 3 to 4 hours a day.
•Spray your face with some rose water or just some plain water, to give your skin a nice boost of energy and to help with the cooling process.
•Eat more fruit and yogurt.
•Drink plenty of water.

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