12 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

12 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy
•Green leafy vegetables are high in vitamin A, C and E folic acid iron.
•Eating habit has to be reexamined and a very good diet has to taken and the intake of fibers should be increased in the diet. This is very important because the baby can be healthy only when the mother is healthy.
•Avoid junk foods that are high in fat, salt, sugar and contain unhealthy additives, because consuming too much can lead to diabetes, other health problems and to having an overweight baby and more difficult delivery.
•Lean chicken breast is another food to eat during. Just make sure that it’s cooked appropriately and it’s a great source of protein, not to mention selenium, niacin and vitamin B6 and even omega 3 amega6 fatty acids.
•Drink lots of water. No doubt you have heard of all the many healthy benefits of drinking lots of water, and there are even more benefits for pregnant mothers. Water can help ease your hunger pangs, relive both bloating and constipation, and relive headaches as well.
•Have enough rest and sleep. Although you need to have a regular exercise during pregnancy, it is also important to have enough rest and sleep. This will help curb your morning sickness too, as fatigue can worsen your nausea during pregnancy. Relaxation techniques can also help you lot in your pregnancy as well as in getting rid of pregnancy depression.
•Put on comfortable and non restricting shoes. Shoes such as high heels should be avoided during the entire pregnancy period. Flat shoes should be the kind to wear during this period. Heeled may cause back ache problems.
•Don’t take medication of any kind like antibiotic or steroids, without consulting your doctor, as they can be devastating for the unborn baby. Maintain a healthy pregnancy by refraining from even the minor medication, habitual drugs, alcohol and nicotine.
•Maintain proper weight and diet.
•Reduce stress.
•Don’t smoke.
•Cut down on caffeine. Caffeine impacts on fertility. Too much caffeine can reduce your ability to absorb iron and increase your risk for stillbirth. It is also believed that intake of caffeine can be risky especially during pregnancy with the increased risk of miscarriage.

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