11 Health Benefits Of Yoga

11 Health Benefits Of Yoga
•Yoga helps the blood to be distributed in all parts of the body. It also keeps the organ in its condition. Not only that, when you do yoga, your posture is improve your posture since this requires you do a lot of positions. This form of exercise is very good for detoxification and loss weight and it is also good for enhancing your spirituality and it can also tone your muscles.
•It improves memory, concentration as well as social skills and self acceptance.
•It reduces your stress and tension and thus makes your mind free and healthy, which ultimately enhances your beauty.
•Can be very useful to help prevent arthritis, and hypertension.
•Yoga helps you stretch your muscles and joints safely and naturally. As you begin move your body more fully it can help increase the amount of lubrication in the body joints. This will result in movements that feel and appear more fluid and effortless.
•Yoga encourages good circulation. Yoga sequences like the sun salutation encourages blood and energy to flow evenly and smoothly surround your body.
•Yoga makes you feel younger. It is said in the wisdom of yoga that when we release muscles and the tensions they hold we feel younger.
•Yoga acts on our body parts so effectively that the chances of getting a disease or disorder are reduced to a minimum. Hence we can say that it keeps disease away from us. And if the body is not functioning properly it gives us a forewarning.
•Are you suffering from high blood pressure? Yoga might just be the answer that you need. Because of its relaxing effects, it can effectively make you feel less tensed. This helps in lowering your blood pressure and making you less prone to some heart diseases and even stroke.
•Breathing exercises will help to improve the circulation of oxygen around your body, which is very good for your overall health and to reduce stress levels.
•It also helps in maintain your mood. Mood is improved through a combination of focusing inward and connecting mind and body. Yoga exercise also brings negative feelings to the surface, so it helps people in reducing depression.

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