How To Get Rid Of Flies At Home

How To Get Rid Of Flies At Home
•Flies breed in manure, household and business waste, and even mismanaged home compost heaps. This leaves every fly carrying disease causing-bacteria, including dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid, and most commonly, food poisoning.
•Garbage cans and dumpsters should have tight-fitting lids and be cleaned regularly.
•House flies can be especially nagging. They often enter through open doors and windows, then buzz through kitchen and bedrooms, spreading germs and general annoyance.
•There are certain herbs that can easily help you eliminate flies once and for all. Such herbs include lavender, mint and elder. You may want to use then to decorate your interior space or plant them in the garden to get rid of flies in the exterior environment.
•Ensuring that there is no source of food for flies covering food and making sure that food is not left out is one of the best ways of keeping flies at bay.
•Keep your house premises always clean and hygienic.
•Eliminate dirty, wet hay
•When you plan to spend time outdoors, apply some lotion that has a lavender scent. Flies will avoid you and they will not bite. An all natural lavender lotion is safe to apply to even the smallest child.
•Sticky fly paper and tape can also be used to trap flies at home.
•Fly bait should be used next to garbage bins in order to ensure that every last fly be trapped.
•Make sure rubbish bins have well-fitting lids.
•Use Aloe vera as a home remedy for black fly bites. Aloe vera is healing agent and it can cool and reduce the swelling after the bite has taken place.
•Make sure to rinse out all cans and bottles before placing in the recycling bins.
•Keep drains around your house clean and closed, as dirty and open drains trend to attract flies.
•Plant herbs around your coop and yard. Lavender, mint, basil and rosemary are all natural fly repellents.
•Eliminate potential food sources in the kitchen.

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