Natural Remedies For Thrush

Natural Remedies For Thrush
•Tea tree oil has natural anti-fungal properties that may be used for thrush treatment.
•Garlic has always been well regarded for antibacterial anti-fungal properties.
•Cutting down on sugars and carbohydrates has been proven to be of great benefit for those suffering from thrush. Most importantly avoid foods that contain high levels of yeast, such as breads, cake, breads, beer, cake and barley. Cutting out sugar is also important since sugar feeds the yeast and can cause thrush to worsen.
The powerful smell can put people off from using it but it is very effective.
•Essence of grapefruit extract, and stevia, take 8/10 drops of essence of grapefruit add 8/10 drops stevia extract, this will give you short term remedy for thrush.
•Apple cider vinegar. This is one of the most popular natural remedies. You should note that in order for this method to work you need to drink it every day.
•You can also put natural yogurt to the areas affected by thrush to minimize irritation. Yogurts have ingredients that can combat inflammation.
•Thrush can consist of some very painful symptoms such as redness, irritation, and bleeding.
•You should be consuming it regularly to help replenish the good bacteria that your digestive system needs to keep the thrush or yeast under control.

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