Fitness Tips- Soothing Exercise: Pilates and Yoga

Yoga for Weight Loss

This section provides you with informative on yoga articles on yoga. Simple techniques and tips to maintain good health , before starting to work on yoga, one has to understand yoga better. For attaining a health physical exercises, yoga techniques need to be practiced with utmost care. These should however be practiced under the supervision of a trained person.

You can find helpful articles on yoga, easy to follow yoga tips and techniques. Introduction to yoga and its benefits. To attain healthy life. Simple and easy to follow physical exercises help you in daily routine. Articles for stress relief and eye train below gives you easy to follow tips and techniques to overcome stress and also treat your eyes these techniques result in stress relief and treatment to your eyes.

1. Koga
combining the best of two fitness world- Koga combines stretching and strengthening of your with the cardiovascular workout of kick boxing. Like yoga, Koga taps into your inner power, connecting body with mind, and maintaining balance throughout. Practicing Koga can help improve flexibility, increase muscle toning, relieve stress, increase lung capacity and decrease overall body fat.

2. common yoga positions

The following poses not only develop balance, but concentration, coordination, and strength as well. Each pose is begun and sustained with deep slow, rhythmic breathing. Hold the pose for 15 second or to point that’s comfortable for you. Then release, switch sides and repeat.

•Stand with your shoulders relaxed, you spine straight, your hands in prayer position at your heart and your feet 15cm apart
•Bend your left knee and place your left foot as high on your right leg as is comfortable
•Raise your arms overhead and straighten your elbows


•Stand with your shoulders relaxed, spine straight, arms by your sides and feet 15cm apart
•Raise your overhead close to your ears, your hands together with index finger pointed and other finger interlaced
•Raise your right leg slowly, balancing over your left foot. Pivot over your hip, keeping your arms, spine and right leg in a straight line. As you progress, tht line should be parallel to the floor

Warrior I & II

●Stand with your shoulders relaxed, your spine straight and your feet 15cm apart

•raise arms overhead with palms facing each other
•step out about 1m with your left foot, bending your left knee directly over ankle. Straighten the knee of your right leg and drop your heel to the floor
•for warrior II, drop your arms parallel to the floor and look ahead over forward hand

•stand with your shoulder relaxed, spine straight, feet 15cm apart
•step out about 1m with your left foot and raise your arms to shoulders height. Reach and learn to the left
•drop your left hand to your knee, raise your right arm overhead and keep your shoulders in alignment
•slide your left hand towards your ankle, point your right hand and look out towards your extended hand

3. San Salutation Yoga Routine
If you sample to soothing effects of yoga you’d like to know more. There’s no better place to start than with the sun salutation. A series of 12 graceful, flowing, postures, they are regarded as the core of yoga practice.

Each position complements the one before, stretching and strengthening the body in a different way, so that the time you finished, you feel flexible and energized from head to toe.

You may be a sceptical about yoga, but least one us heart consultant includes the sun salutation in his program for reversing heart disease.

One round of sun salutation consists of two sequences, first leading with the right foot( during stepping poses) and the second leading with the left. If you are new to yoga. Some of these poses may comfortable. Also, if you have exiting heart problems, these moves may be too strenuous and are not recommended unless approved by your doctor. It is also a good idea to check with your doctor if you have arthritis or another serious medical condition that may be affected by some of the yoga positions suggested here.

How often you practice the sun salutation is entirely up to you. Yoga fans sometimes do 12 routines a day, but you can calm stress, increase flexibility and improve your general wellbeing by remember to breathe evenly and fluidly throughout, inhaling and exhaling as you being each move. with practice, the 12 steps of the sun salutation will flow together as one continuous exercise. Be sure to perform the routine on a comfortably cushioned surface, such as a yoga mat or a carpeted floor.

4. Get Fit S-l-o-w-l-y

Hula Hooping

You might think it’s child’s play, but keeping a hoop in the air with your hips is more challenging than you’d think- which why it’s such great exercise! Hooping classes can burn up to 100 calories in ten minutes of twisting, roughly equivalent to running at a moderate pace. Not only that, Hula hoping works the abdominal core, helping to reduce the incidence of back pain and injury.

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