Benefits Of Aloe Vera Gel

Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera Gel

•Aloe gel is a popular herbal remedy for minor cuts, burns, sunburns. It will not only reduce pain and inflammation but also stimulate skin growth and repair. Several studies suggest wounds applied with Aloe vera gel healed faster (average 9 days0 compared to wounds that weren’t treated with the gel. Open and deep wounds, however, should not be applied with aloe gel.

•As a laxative, aloe gel is taken orally to treat constipation. Laxative is a drud or substance that promotes bowel movements, either by irritating the lower colon or by bulking the stool. Aloe gel however, is not recommended as herbal remedy for constipation because it can cause painful cramp. Gentler herbal remedies such as cascara and senna are recommended for constipation

•Preliminary evidence suggests that aloe gel may help lower blood sugar level in patients with type 2 diabetes. More studies are needed to know if aloe gel is indeed helpful for type 2 diabetes patients.

•Preliminary studies show that aloe gel improves the symptoms of herpes (viral skin disease), psoriasis and other skin disease.

•Scientists are already researching the ability of aloe gel to prevent cancer.

•The effectiveness of aloe gel in treating skin and mouth ulcers is also being studied.

•Aloe gel is traditionally used as moisturizer for dry skin. Results of early studies show that aloe gel effectively reduces skin dryness. Many skin lotion brands in the market today contain Aloe gel.

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