Health Tips For Office Workers

Health Tips For Office Workers

•Bring a healthy lunch and snacks from home.

•Open the window of your room. Good ventilation will affect the health of the office as well as yourself. If your room has a window, you should leave it open so the air in the room is not humid and stuffy.

•If you have been sitting in front of the computer for a little too long, take a break by walking down to the pantry for some water. And on the way back to your desk, meet and greet some colleagues. This will avoid stress, isolation and also help you relax.

•Take the stairs. We all want to take elevator because it is quick and easy. But simply taking the stairs can help burn calories and even stay fit- all depending on what floor you work on, of course! And don’t just the stairs up- walking down the stairs can also help you burn calories. If you are looking for away to exercise without going to the gym, you could walk up and down you’re the stairs during your lunch break.

•Adjust your chair that correctly fit to your body.

•Place your computer monitor in a straight line in front of you nearly 18 to 24 inches away, with the top just below eye level.

•Too much fries and burgers will build large amount of unnecessary carbohydrate in your body. maintain a light diet. Take less meat. Take more vegetables and fruits. You need a balance diet that consists of balance nutrients in take.

•Don’t forget to drink. Eat at least four glasses of water (one liter) as long as you work. Of course, this consumption is out of the other liquids such as juice, coffee and tea. In the night add your water consumption by drinking two glasses of water. However, don’t drink too much because it can waste important minerals for your body.

•Leave works at office.

•Go to bed at night as soon as feel sleepy. That way you get up in the morning you will be rested enough to get right into work. Try to avoid doing work at night if you feel tried; it is far better to leave things until the morning when you are going to be more productive.

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