8 Secrets To Health and Happiness

8 Secrets To Health and Happiness
•Eat well. Your brain needs fuel to function properly. Since your brain runs your body it gets priority amounts of nutrients you consume. If you do not eat balanced meals filled with the nutrition you need , your brain will take what it needs and the rest of your body will gradually shut down for lack of fuel.
•Maintain your weight. To be able to manage your weight is the key to good health. When you are healthy then you are far from diseases.
•Always smile. Have you ever wondered how a simple can change the way you feel almost instantly? Smiling indeed makes you feel better and also helps drift your mind away from pressing issue. A simple smile can help boost your confidence level and it also invites others to come speak to you.
•Attitude! Without a good attitude it next to impossible to have good health. You must believe you are happy to be happy. Likewise you must feel and believe that you are healthy to be healthy.
•The main reason of health is the habit of smoking and intake of alcohol. The best way is to avoid smoking alcohol and finally giving them up other wise these will have adverse effect on the body.
•Take a deep breath. If you’ve always thought meditation wasn’t for you, maybe this will change your mind it can actually alter your brain to make you happier.
•Daily maintain a schedule to do moderate and regular exercise at least for half an hour to one hour by way of going for a walk or jogging or even in the office climbing up and down the stair case. Some physical activity for muscles, bones etc are required.
•Sleep. Quality sleep is essential for repairing daily cell damage, which over time could lead to cancer and breakdown of organ function. Too much sleep

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